Vol 48, No.2
Feb  2016
Impact Factor: 2.191
Editor-in-Chief: Boliang LI
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Institute of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS
Financial Supporter
Chinese Academy of Sciences
WANG Ying-Lai Foundation
China Association for Science and Technology
Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals

Selected Articles from the Current Issue
The cross talk between long, non-coding RNAs and microRNAs in gastric cancer
Kaiyuan Deng, Hao Wang, Xiaoqiang Guo and Jiazeng Xia

Transcriptomics-based identification of WRKY genes and characterization of a salt and hormone-responsive PgWRKY1 gene in Panax ginseng
Mohammed Nuruzzaman, Hongzhe Cao, Hao Xiu, Tiao Luo, Jijia Li, Xianghui Chen, Junli Luo and Zhiyong Luo

Functional up-regulation of Nav1.8 sodium channel on dorsal root ganglia neurons contributes to the induction of scorpion sting pain
Pin Ye, Liming Hua, Yunlu Jiao, Zhenwei Li, Shichao Qin, Jin Fu, Feng Jiang, Tong Liu and Yonghua Ji

A SIRT4-like auto ADP-ribosyltransferase is essential for the environmental growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis
Yongcong Tan, Zhihong Xu, Jing Tao, Jinjing Ni, Wei Zhao, Jie Lu and Yu-Feng Yao

Triticumoside induces apoptosis via caspase-dependent mitochondrial pathway and inhibits migration through downregulation of MMP2/9 in human lung cancer cells
Barun Poudel, Hyeon-Hui Ki, Bui Thi Thuy Luyen, Young-Mi Lee, Young-Ho Kim and Dae-Ki Kim

Proteomic analysis of heterosis in the leaves of sorghumCsudangrass hybrids
Pingan Han, Xiaoping Lu, Fugui Mi, Jing Dong, Chunlei Xue, Jianke Li, Bin Han and Xiaoyu Zhang

MicroRNA-140 regulates cell growth and invasion in pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma by targeting iASPP
Shuai Liang, Xuejun Gong, Gewen Zhang, Gengwen Huang, Yebin Lu and Yixiong Li

Lysine enhances the effect of amphotericin B against Candida albicans in vitro
Liuya Zhao, Jingchen Jiang, Zhenyu Zhu, Zebin Liao, Xiangwen Yao, Yu Yang, Yingying Cao and Yuanying Jiang

Transforming growth factor-beta increases breast cancer stem cell population partially through upregulating PMEPA1 expression
Zhi Nie, Chunyan Wang, Zhongmei Zhou, Ceshi Chen, Rong Liu and Dianhua Wang

MiR-125a regulates chemo-sensitivity to gemcitabine in human pancreatic cancer cells through targeting A20
Jie Yao, Zhennan Li, Xiaodong Wang, Peng Xu, Long Zhao and Jianjun Qian

Highlighted Articles  
Ethanol-related alterations in gene expression patterns in the developing murine hippocampus

The receptor proteins: pivotal roles in selective autophagy

Differential expression of bone morphogenetic protein 5 in human lung squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma

Hyperpigmentation mechanism of methyl 3,5-di-caffeoylquinate through activation of p38 and MITF induction of tyrosinase

Angiotensin II induces an increase in MMP-2 expression in idiopathic ascending aortic aneurysm via AT1 receptor and JNK pathway

Down-regulation of microRNA-26b modulates non-small cell lung cancer cells chemoresistance and migration through the association of PTEN

Parkin-induced ubiquitination of Mff promotes its association with p62/SQSTM1 during mitochondrial depolarization

Up-regulation of iNOS by hypoxic postconditioning inhibits H9c2 cardiomyocyte apoptosis induced by hypoxia/re-oxygenation

Alteration of sperm protein profile induced by cigarette smoking

miR-125a-3p targets MTA1 to suppress NSCLC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion

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