Vol 47, No.3
Mar  2015
Impact Factor: 2.089
Editor-in-Chief: Boliang LI
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Institute of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS
Financial Supporter
Chinese Academy of Sciences
WANG Ying-Lai Foundation
China Association for Science and Technology
Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals

Selected Articles from the Current Issue
Regulation of cellular innate antiviral signaling by ubiquitin modification
Dandan Lin and Bo Zhong

Abnormal expression of vesicular transport proteins in pulmonary arterial hypertension in monocrotaline-treated rats
Hongliang Zhang, Qin Luo, Zhihong Liu, Yong Wang and Zhihui Zhao

Oridonin inhibits BxPC-3 cell growth through cell apoptosis
Bin Xu, Wen Shen, Xing Liu, Ting Zhang, Jun Ren, Yongjun Fan and Jian Xu

Atorvastatin protects cardiomyocytes from oxidative stress by inhibiting LOX-1 expression and cardiomyocyte apoptosis
Lei Zhang, Linfang Cheng, Qiqi Wang, Dongchen Zhou, Zhigang Wu, Ling Shen, Li Zhang and Jianhua Zhu

Knockdown of c-Myc inhibits cell proliferation by negatively regulating the Cdk/Rb/E2F pathway in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
Zhaoxia Niu, Huaying Liu, Ming Zhou, Heran Wang, Yukun Liu, Xiayu Li, Wei Xiong, Jian Ma, Xiaoling Li and Guiyuan Li

The water network in galectin-3 ligand binding site guides inhibitor design
Jiyong Su, Tao Zhang, Peiqi Wang, Fengjian Liu, Guihua Tai and Yifa Zhou

Biochemical and structural characterization of MUPP1-PDZ4 domain from Mus musculus
Haili Zhu, Zexu Liu, Yuxin Huang, Chao Zhang, Gang Li and Wei Liu

Anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol through the suppression of NF-κB and JAK/STAT signaling pathways
Chunfang Ma, Yin Wang, Lei Dong, Minjing Li and Wanru Cai

STK33 plays an important positive role in the development of human large cell lung cancers with variable metastatic potential
Ping Wang, Hongzhong Cheng, Jianqiang Wu, Anrun Yan and Libin Zhang

Identification of differentially expressed miRNAs in mouse spinal cord development
Botao Zhao, Menggui Huang, Yanyan Bai, Chunsun Fan, Yi Fan and Youxin Jin

Highlighted Articles  
Selection of HBV preS1-binding penta-peptides by phage display

Silencing RhoA inhibits migration and invasion through Wnt/β-catenin pathway and growth through cell cycle regulation in human tongue cancer

The anorexic effect of Ex4/Fc through GLP-1 receptor activation in high-fat diet fed mice

Really interesting new gene finger protein 121 is a novel Golgi-localized membrane protein that regulates apoptosis

Effects of cations on small fragment of DNA polymerase I using a novel FRET assay

Expression analysis of BORIS during pluripotent, differentiated, cancerous, and non-cancerous cell states

The zebrafish Tie2 signaling controls tip cell behaviors and acts synergistically with Vegf pathway in developmental angiogenesis

New insights into the roles of CHOP-induced apoptosis in ER stress

Re-characterization of an extrachromosomal circular plasmid in the pathogenic Leptospira interrogans serovar Lai strain 56601

Myeloma cells resistance to NK cell lysis mainly involves an HLA class I-dependent mechanism

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